Greetings from Boston

Yesterday was a very long day. I was up at 5 am in the UK to get packed and ready for my trip. I broke down and hired a car service to take me to Heathrow for the first time ever (and now I’ll probably never be able to take the train again… it was worth every penny!) The lines for check-in and security at Heathrow were massive but I made it through and had a reasonably quiet and nice trip. I quite enjoyed watching the movie “No Reservations” since it combined a nice slowly-developing romantic plot with my guilty pleasure affection for serious cooking shows. (Have I mentioned my lust for Gordon Ramsay? They had an episode of the f word on the plane which I watched for the second time just because he’s so fabulous!) Every time I fly Virgin Atlantic I question why I am so silly as to fly any other airline out of London. They are so much better than the others. The food is edible. The planes are new. The only annoying thing was the cloying woman who started every announcement over the plane’s intercom with “Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls…” and I really wished she would just shut up.

Having arrived in Boston, I caught a cab to the hotel and started noticing how my life had been reversed. For the first time ever, I was looking at the meter charge in dollars and converting it back to pounds. This from a girl who has looked at every price in pounds and mentally doubled it for the last fourteen months.  I found I was converting to pounds again over dinner and drinks last night — I was stunned at how cheap the food was when I halved the prices.  No wonder the English are so obsessed with how cheap America is!  The final straw was this morning when the prices on the room service menu seemed perfectly reasonable. I have clearly acclimated to England and English life more than I realized. And yes I ordered a big old omelet from room service and it was fabulous. Far superior to an English breakfast. Some things haven’t changed at all.

I love being in Boston at this time of year. I have had the chance to spend quite a lot of time here in the last decade so this town feels almost like home for me. I’m sure the work week will be quite busy, and on Saturday I head to Minneapolis for a more serious opportunity to feel at home. There I’ll be doing things (shoe shopping, haircut, new glasses) that don’t really rely on whether I’m in the US or UK but never seem to find time for given the time constraints of my normal day job. Of course I will be catching up with friends and family as well.


One response to “Greetings from Boston

  1. Bahsten…. home of Tom Brady and Hahvud.

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