I made it to Minneapolis!

I’ve made it home just in time for the first big snowstorm of the year… here is my photo out the window of the airplane on arrival in Minneapolis this afternoon:

Airport Snow

I managed to get on an earlier flight on standby, but the storm was already going strong already when I arrived.  All I can say is thank goodness it was a direct flight, as nothing was leaving Minneapolis on time.  There was a whole fleet of de-icing and snow moving machines moving in synchronized patterns across the runways at the airport.  After not being able to see even the highway for all the snow, I actually took the rental car people up on their offer of a cheap upgrade to an SUV with 4-wheel drive!

Someone needs to tell me this, though… when they upgraded the parking structures and put in the new people movers at the MSP airport, why did they have the announcements dubbed by Mariella Frostrup?  All week I had been trying to get used to the idea of being surrounded by American accents, although the Boston one is pretty odd to someone used to either Minneapolis or England.  But it makes no sense whatsoever to hear Mariella’s distinctive deep voice with the lilting indistinct european accent in the middle of the American midwest.

One response to “I made it to Minneapolis!

  1. Welcome home!
    I’m a student in and from Minnesota with a passion for travel. I’ve been reading your posts for a while now and I love to hear what you have to say about ex pat life. I’m glad to hear you made it to the Cities despite the storm. Enjoy your R&R and keep up the wonderful blogs!

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