You’ve got to be kidding me–more snow?

Tomorrow, I have to fly to another midwestern state.  So of course tomorrow there will be another blizzard here in Minneapolis.  I cannot get either in or out of the MSP airport without there being snow.  And of course there is a not very long layover for this one as it’s not from one hub to another.  Sigh.

I have been enjoying Minnesota, though.  I have already put away one whole large carton of Land O Lakes cottage cheese.  Been drinking coffee with fat free half and half.  Been to Target.  Had a Mich Golden (aka totally midwestern) brew.  I had cheez-its in Boston so I haven’t had more here yet, maybe after the 48 hour jaunt if I do manage to make it both there and back here to Minneapolis again.  Have not been to Caribou yet but again after the little mini-trip.

More than anything I’ve had some very nice and quiet and low-key times.  Spent a few hours with the family matriarch today, which is the best thing ever.  Nothing, but nothing, beats a tea-party at Grandma’s.  With grilled cheese.  And banana bread.  And to celebrate the advent season, a bit of a seasonal Norsk specialty: julekage and gjetost.

Wish me luck for the continuing travels tomorrow; on the one hand I am loving the snow, enjoying my rental Durango and tooling around town as a very happy girl.   There is nothing like being away to make you remember what you love about home.  And nothing like being home to remind you why you like being away 🙂  Several people have mentioned already that my accent sounds a bit suspicious, as though I have picked up some British vowels during my 14 months abroad.  I’m not convinced but I am amused that three completely independent observers made the same comment.  Regardless, I am like a pig rolling in the mud, totally lapping up being in the midwest and in Minneapolis in particular.  At the moment I have not been away long enough to miss anything in England yet… we’ll see when, and if, that happens.

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