Love song for the midwestern US

I’m back in Minneapolis after my little trip to another state in the midwest, and I found it could be home as it is so much the same as other places I have lived in the midwest.  So I have to say, in honor of the 2.5 years since I last lived in these parts, the list of things I did or did not realize that I missed about the midwest.

  • Friendly people. Sorry, England, but it’s true.
  • TV commercials for Christmas goodies at Fleet & Farm stores
  • Overhearing someone in the grocery store asking one of the staff members, “Where is the Velveeta?”
  • That stupid twang-y accent.  I swore I would never miss this but now when I hear it, it is so familiar…
  • Old Home and Land O’Lakes dairy products
  • Snow!  Measurable, lasts for days, fluffy snow.
  • A town connected by skyways and tunnels
  • Dayton’s 8th floor auditorium holiday display (and I haven’t even been there yet this year, I just like knowing that it exists!)
  • Land grant and agricultural universities with departments like “Sheep Teaching and Research”–BIG 10, baby!

What can I say, I’m happy to be home right now.  I’m thoroughly enjoying the midwest.


One response to “Love song for the midwestern US

  1. notfromaroundhere

    You know you’re homesick when the commercials for Erik the Bike man even make you smile…

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