I’m buying what Leehom is selling

I had a dead battery problem and so went to the store and got a new cell phone this week for my American account. (Yes, you read that right, I’m now up to three active mobile accounts: my old US account which I’ve kept active for trips home, plus I have both a separate UK personal and UK work account.) Apparently, I have great taste. I found this out because I am visiting my sister this week. She was showing me photos of my favorite Asian pop star Leehom in a Chinese magazine when we stumbled on this ad:

Lee Hom Sony ad

That would be Leehom selling my new cell phone. It’s even featured in his new music video. The previous generation of this same phone shows Leehom in a great commercial played out to “Kiss Goodbye”.

My sister then thinks for a second and says,

“oh that’s funny, you know that digital camera you recommended for me a few months ago? I did buy it and it turns out Leehom made a commercial for it.”

Having found this on youtube, we discovered that he also has a commercial for Nikon’s digital SLRs, (which is what I have for my attempts at serious photography–and why I recommended their point and shoot for her camera needs–I swear, completely unknowing about the Leehom connection).

By this point we started to realize that I was essentially doing inadvertent product placement for items for which Leehom is a spokesman. I was happy to leave it with these existing techno-geek examples but my sister was not… she then dared remind me that Leehom is fronting the McDonalds campaigns in China as well. See a sample ad here. I’m already a bit infamous for my McDonalds cravings, I always loved breakfast there but seem to need to go there even more often now that I’m living in the UK where there is no real alternative breakfast option (no bagels–no Bruegger’s or Einstein Bros or…) and in general no fast food but the hideous gas station sandwiches. Or perhaps I just like McDonalds so much these days because I’m buying whatever Leehom is selling! Coke, anyone? And a chip (crisp)?

Update: See my sister’s side of the story here.

5 responses to “I’m buying what Leehom is selling

  1. McDonald’s? Does this mean that you are back eating beef? And I assume that the shortage of breakfast options (I like Cornish pasties myself) means that there is a shortage on English muffins? And, indeed, where are they all, if not in England?

    This mystery cries out for resolution.

  2. notfromaroundhere

    Heck no, have you never heard of filet’o’fish? My vegetarian self may have switched lately to more of a pescetarian lifestyle but that’s the only switch!

    Note that in England, “English Muffins” are just called “Muffins” and what we Americans call muffins are clearly labeled as “American Muffins” or “sweet muffins”!

  3. NFAH: What Americans call “English Muffins” will go by the name “Crumpets” here 🙂 Usually white bread, a bit denser than good bread and most people will eat them with butter and/ or marmalade. You can buy them in packs of 6 or 12 in supermarkets.

  4. ooh! ooh! i have that phone too! (nb…I hate it. it’s a piece of garbage.) But I was swayed by the fact that a) it’s pink, and b) it’s called a “walkman” which got me all nostalgic for cassette tapes and headphones.

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