This is what British women want?

No wonder I have had not such great luck making friends with British women.  Thanks to a survey published today in the Aussie press, “Women just want a Posh life,” I get some insight into where the problems might lie.  I mean, I knew it was sort of strange that Posh was so popular but when you look at these lists of priorities and desires it starts to make sense.  If losing weight and having a better body are so important, and  more beautiful is  placed squarely above more intelligent, it starts to become clear why I don’t fit in (aside from my lack of affection for Posh, that is).  The really sad thing is the tenth place ranking for “being prime minister”–boy people are having a hard time recovering from the Thatcher years, eh?  Now where is the corresponding survey of American women, so I can hopefully find that they have different priorities and I’m not just glamorizing home again?


2 responses to “This is what British women want?

  1. Maybe British women have read the genetics literature and decided that intelligence is mostly genetically determined and not modifiable. I happen to think that beauty is less modifiable than the cosmetics industry would have us believe, too, but it is perhaps understandable that people would try. Frankly, I don’t see many men work hard to improve their intelligence, either, but there are plenty pumping up their bodies!

    I also suspect (following on from the class theme of your previous post) that the survey questions and answers would depend on the social strata catered to by the magazine commissioning the survey. This, I suspect, would apply to the US, too, where I find that class distinctions are just as rampant, but with different class markers and more hypocritically denied than they are here.

  2. I am less concerned with raw intelligence, defined as capacity, than I am by what one chooses to load into the brain, whatever size and speed the processor is. Nothing is worse than these vapid airheads who have no interest in anything other than shallow style concerns.

    One good sort of cartoonish example of the possible is the Judy Holliday character in the original film of “Born Yesterday”. She was a slutty blonde airhead who decided to use her intelligence such as it was, and moved well beyond the sort of “posh” focus.

    You heard it here first- smart women are sexy.

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