Discovery from the states–Bryan Greenberg

One of the hazards of my trip to the US last month was that I actually saw a television on a few occasions, most importantly when I was staying at the house of my dear friend-from-junior-high. She dialled up a television show called “October Road” one night, said she thought I might enjoy it as much as she did, and I was hooked. Before leaving the US I downloaded the full series thus far on iTunes, and last night I finally finished watching the last of the episodes that I had not yet seen.

The interesting thing about the show is character (the plots are ludicrous at times and the writing can be a bit twee) and for this I give credit to the actors, several of which have had roles in teeny-bopper dramas or comedies in the last few years. Most interesting is the lead, Bryan Greenberg, who I had never heard of before, having completely missed his last show “One Tree Hill“. It turns out Bryan is a singer-songwriter in addition to being an actor, and some of the songs played over the credits on the show have been his. See his MySpace and a recent interview for more details. Particularly interesting and a sign-o-the-times is that he has self-funded an album and released it exclusively on iTunes, where it gets fairly good reviews. I have not yet bought it–sounded a bit lightweight to me–but I approve of the model.

In slightly related news, when I pulled up iTunes to search for it, I was stunned to see the soundtrack for “Once” in the top ten albums list. Surprised and delighted, of course, but stunned nonetheless. That is still on my regular rotation right now, along with the new Missy Higgins and the Nina Simone Anthology.  And the movie, now released on DVD, continues to get buzz on everyone’s top 10 end of 2007 lists. For good reason, I say.  The music is amazing and the movie is great.


One response to “Discovery from the states–Bryan Greenberg

  1. What is “twee”? That’s a new word for me.

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