My soundtrack for 2007

I promised a top ten CD list a few weeks ago, right before the end of 2007, but never got to it and now have decided that I finally know what I want to say on this topic. So here we have a top five list instead, with two honorable mentions. What this list reveals about me:

  • I like indie music better than mainstream
  • I have a wicked affection for bluegrass and country rock
  • I subscribe to the philosophy that sometimes being gay and being creative are closely associated–and I embrace it!
  • I am quite easily swayed by related things that happened this year (favorite movie–Once–and favorite concerts–Rufus, Vince)

Drumroll please:

1. Missy Higgins, On a clear night
Where I stood

2. Robert Plant and Allison Krauss, Raising Sand
Fortune teller
Gone gone gone
Polly come home

Bonus! Mini-documentary on their collaboration

3. Once, soundtrack to the motion picture
Falling slowly
When your mind’s made up
Say it to me now

4. Mark Olson, The Salvation Blues
My Carol
National express
The salvation blues

5. Rufus Wainright, Release the Stars
Release the stars
Between my legs (with Jake Gyllenhaal on the spoken part–hilarious)
Do I disappoint you

(did I really not post a summary of my amazing experience in row 2, centre, for the Rufus concert in October??? He is worth every penny you pay to see him live!)

Honorable mention 1.  Ryan Adams, Easy Tiger (because I did not like it quite as much as 2005’s 29 but it’s still darned good)
Goodnight rose
(video is 1950s hilarious, worth it even if you have no interest in the song)

Honorable mention 2. Vince Gill, These Days (amazing and grammy-nominated 4 CD set, but was actually released in late 2006)
Rhythm of the pouring rain
Cowboy up
The reason why
Sweet thing

Other non-2007 things on perpetual “repeat” on my iTunes/iPod this year: Dresden Dolls, Jeff Buckley, choral music that I am supposed to know the alto parts for, Katie Melua, older Missy Higgins, and oldies but goodies from indie pop goddesses Deborah Conway, Amanda Marshall, Jonatha Brooke and Joan Osborne. And proving I’m not quite as old as I am about to become, I’ve been dancing to Rihanna’s Umbrella and still to Fergie’s London Bridge (must be the stuck-in-England thing and the Grey Goose mentions), Leehom Wang‘s everything-that-is-not-a-dumb-ballad and MIA’s new disc “Kala”.


8 responses to “My soundtrack for 2007

  1. Surprised to see Missy Higgins here – only because she’s an Aussie, didn’t realise how far her popularity has spread. Saw her in concert ‘before she was famous’ and was pretty impressed. Saw her again last year at a music festival and her confidence had improved out of sight! Highlight was ‘The Special Two’ with the whole crowd singing along under a clear sky full of stars. Awesome!

  2. She’s popular everywhere I’ve been, both in the US where I’m from and the UK where I live! I know when I first heard about her she was making a US tour including a high-profile spot on public radio and some indie venues for well-received concerts. That was already a while ago and her new album is such a treat!

  3. Hey, I’m really crazy about the song Between My Legs featuring Jake; does anyone know where I can download just the audio, and preferably with the patter at the beginning lopped off? (I just want the song, 😉 ) TIA if anyone can post the link. I am not savvy enough to crop the song and extract the audio-only from this clip. 😦

  4. Oops, here’s my e-mail if you yourself have this and can e-mail it to me notfromaroundhere, and thanks very very much if you can 🙂

  5. Rufus was definitely in my top five of 2007 as well, but the other four are pretty different. They were:
    1. Sodagreen, Unparalleled Beauty (Beyond brilliant – one of the best albums *ever* – and it is especially cool how the order of the tracks is so determined that each one flows into the next perfectly. Impossible to turn off this album halfway – so everytime I start listening, I end up going several times through)
    2. Radical Face, Ghost (esp. Welcome Home and Wrapped in Piano Strings, but I love the whole album)
    3. The Shins, Wincing the Night Away (everyone loved this album… and I am no different)
    4. Chang Chen-yue, OK (mellow and relaxing, and such insightful lyrics)

    All are albums that I have a hard time turning off after just one song. Not a bad year for music, actually.

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