You know your island is too small when…

This week’s BBC had a feature on a couple here in Britain who did not know they were twins, had been separated at birth, and who had gotten married married.  Eeeeew.  The courts had annulled the marriage when this mess was discovered (it’s never mentioned as to how?  Wasn’t it odd that the couple had the same birthday and year?  Did they not think that was a coincidence?  Or was that one of those “ooh we must be soulmates” things?)  It boggles the mind as a statistical thing, that this pair would meet, be both single, attracted to each other, etc.  It implies this island country really is too small and too densely populated.

It also brings to mind so many Jeff Foxworthy, “You might be a redneck if…” jokes.  (“…if you go to the Family Reunion to Meet Women.”)  And it makes me want to start brainstorming “You might be British if…” jokes.  I’ll have to get working on that one.  Suggestions welcome.

One response to “You know your island is too small when…

  1. I imagine this says less about the population density of Britain (which, let’s face it, would likely not impress people who live in, say, Hong Kong or Taiwan), and more about how much adoption has changed over the last few decades. Now, I think, it would be a lot less likely for twins to be either separated or unaware of each other’s existence. It’s a freaky story, but obviously not a remotely common one.

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