The local connection

When you grow up in Minnesota, there is always a “Minnesota connection” to everything that happens everywhere else in the world.  Or so the local newscasters would have you believe.  To a first approximation, there is just not enough exciting news to fill a 35 minute broadcast about goings on in Minneapolis or even the 5-state midwestern area (including Iowa, Wisconsin and the Dakotas.  Note this was always a tough distinction when I lived in Michigan, they assumed they were in the Midwest but I always said they could not be, clearly, because they were on Eastern time!  I digress.  How shocking.)  Thus, tenuous connections were drawn between all events in the world and our own little world by explaining the Minnesota connection.  Someone’s cousin lived there as a child, or they had been through the airport once, very little things.  Anyway, I had a laugh yesterday when reading the BBC news summary of the Golden Globe awards (those awards that were handed out with little pomp and no amusement the other night).   The summary of all the British connections and the focus on the performance of the British nominees brought me right back to my memories of Minnesota newscasters.


2 responses to “The local connection

  1. More pride over Brits and Brit-associated people being nominated for Oscars:;_ylt=AhGtTLnsaVpd72YbbPxzgAtxFb8C

    Dude, it’s a total stretch to try to claim Cate Blanchett as anything but an Aussie. The connections are too tenuous for words!

  2. Do you know I have my students looking for the Minnesota connection in my lectures now? Once I had Frank Kellogg one day, and Charles Lindbergh the next, it started to snowball… (Smedley led a platoon of U of M grads to war in WWI!)

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