Sleep, drugs and death

On the one hand, I feel sort of silly for being upset about the death of a celebrity.  Yes, I was a fan of Heath Ledger (especially some of the earlier movies) but I was not a superfan, but I’m older than he was and the circumstances seem really strange.  And familiar.  I have been complaining lately about my sleepless nights, how my job stress has been weighing on me, and how I need to adjust things to get some sort of work-life equilibrium in place.  Fortunately I have never resorted to drugs to do this, no sleeping pills, no anti-depressants or anti-anxiety potions.  Until the cause of death is known more precisely, it is impossible to speculate on what role Ledger’s apparent stash of (legal, medically-prescribed) drugs had on his untimely demise.  But it does remind me of a few things.

  1. Drugs are not the answer.  Big pharma would try to convince you that there was a miracle pill for everything.  It’s not true.
  2. It’s especially problematic to combine medications, especially if your doctor or pharmacist does not know.  Drug interactions are a problem.
  3. Drugs don’t have the same affect on every body.  The first time I heard the compound word, “pharmacogenomics” I wanted to hurl, but sadly they have a point.  Sometimes drugs do funny things to one person’s body, and since drugs are tested and considered safe based on population studies, they are only safe on average.
  4. It really is possible to see a young person living alone just die and have to be discovered.  It’s the “Bridget Jones fear of being eaten by Alsatians” or the “Miranda overfeeds her cat” problem.

I live alone; this last one is particularly sobering.

I have nothing more to say.  It’s sad when someone dies at 28.  It’s sad when someone leaves behind a two year old daughter.  Life is precious, enjoy every minute you’re granted.


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