Expat sisters

I’m oh so very excited, my sister is re-joining the expat life later this year. So we will be expat sisters, on different continents but both far from the continent that is our home. This is really exciting on many levels. Most obviously, my sis has really big and exciting reasons for returning to the expat life. But personally, she has been my solid rock of support in  expat living.  Both her presence in my life in real time, and the blog archives from her last bout of expat living, have gotten me through some tough times.  Having someone to talk to, who knows the ups and downs of it all is extremely valuable.  The same is true of my other expat friends here in the UK–we all share in the grand adventure that is life abroad.  But I can’t help but think that it will be such fun when my sister joins me again in this grand adventure.   Oh the places we’ll go!


2 responses to “Expat sisters

  1. There were never such devoted sisters…

  2. Indeed. Expat life has all the adventures anyone can wish for, and some misadventures at times. It’s great that you have a sister you can count on to support you in a way that you wish. I’ve never had a sister. I wish I did.

    Hi! I am new to the Expat-Blog community and I hope that you’d visit my blog soon! I am currently living in England, having moved from Manila 4 years ago. Have a great week ahead!

    A Pinay In England

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