Amy G Excerpt

I am unabashedly emotionally affected by the Amy Grant and Vince Gill romance story.   I was an Amy Grant fan as a child, and was somewhat renewed in my affection for her when her marital problems occurred around the same time that my own marriage dissolved.  I was cheered to see her find happiness in her new love with Vince, as it gave me hope for the future.  And I love her music and I absolutely adore her new husband and his own musical offerings.

With that introduction, I am willing to admit that I spent quite a few minutes the other night reading this transcript of a joint interview of theirs on Larry King, which I had never seen or read before.  I loved the idea that their relationship developed in a “Let’s give them something to talk about” manner, where others saw it before they did.  I also was smiling so hard at the fact that Vince’s middle name is “Grant”.  What karma.

But the real reason I am writing yet another “I love Amy and Vince post”  is that I found this excerpt from Amy’s new book on the Oprah website of all things, and this story made me so very happy.  The combination of my love for VG and AG and elderly grandparent-like people all rolled up in one touching anecdote.

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