And the Oscar goes to…

“Falling Slowly” from Once!  It won the Oscar for best Original Song.  This was a bit of an adventure; there had been questions about whether it should even be on the ballot, but in the end not only did it get on the ballot but it managed a much-deserved win.  It seems perhaps I am not the only one to have loved this film…


4 responses to “And the Oscar goes to…

  1. It really was kind of a nice song, and the young woman appears to be refreshingly normal. Jon Stewart did the right thing.

  2. Yes! I had missed the story, only saw the winners list this morning, but apparently the acceptance speech for this particular Oscar captured everyone’s hearts. See it here:

  3. Bryan RAN out to buy the CD – its fabulous!

  4. Can I just say how great it is to log into the iTunes store and see that “Once” the soundtrack is the #1 album? Keep buying, folks. This thing really rules.

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