Ode to IKEA

Anyone who has been following the ups and downs of my English life will be glad to hear of my progress this week and the manner in which it drives more up than down feelings. Tuesday I had a new book-case and cabinet delivered to my office. Wednesday I had a massive delivery to my home/flat from IKEA. I have been, for the last few days, in all spare moments doing IKEA assembly. This will, in the end, give me loads of storage space–new wardrobes (3! not quite an American walk-in closet but not bad!), cabinets, drawers, a desk, all the things a girl needs to get organized in a small apartment with lots of miscellany. At the moment, one could only say that I am in the “it is darkest just before dawn” phase since the flat is completely trashed. In order to get the old stuff out and the new stuff assembled, the level of entropy in the flat has increased significantly. However, this is one person who is optimistic and convinced that the project has been well worth it, and things are about to improve significantly. Now, I may have to sleep on the floor tonight if I don’t make enough progress to finish the wardrobes and get the clothes off my bed, but that’s a small price to pay for what will be a significant improvement in everything in very short order.

The staff where I live were quite stunned when I said I wanted to assemble the IKEA pieces myself; they had assumed that I would call them in to assist. Clearly they do not know me well. IKEA furniture is brilliantly designed, and overall the process is like the assembly of my favored Lego models in terms of the utilization of basic engineering principles. I am enjoying the process immensely, and sleeping very well after all the physical exertion although I do have some interesting bruises and blisters to show for it.

2 responses to “Ode to IKEA

  1. The IKEA UK MD once owned up that their store on North Circular was the worst as far as customer service went and of course, as of last summer they have launched the catalogue and started home delivery. So that people can actually post joyous-sounding posts about their IKEA experience 😉

    Since moving back to London, and adding a whole new book case, I have found that my books have reproduced. I have 4 boxes yet unpacked and a pile of 60 books sitting on top of a short bookcase. I am glad however to hear yours are more settled (or soon will be).

    PS: The staff may have been surprised for other reasons.. 🙂

  2. Alright, Shefaly, I’ll bite–what other reasons are you alluding to as to my surprising the housekeeping staff?

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