Easter Monday?

I need someone with local intelligence (local to the UK, that is) to explain to me the logic of closing the grocery store early last night.  I was well aware that we were at the end of a 4-day weekend, one which included a full day of no groceries (Easter Sunday) and an early evening closing for Good Friday (8 p.m., remember that).  So last night, when I left my flat (for the first time since Saturday, I might add!) at 7:30 it did not occur to me that there would be any issue with the grocery store.  But it was closed.  Had closed at 7 p.m.  Earlier than Good Friday.  I am completely perplexed.  Is there some deep significance to Easter Monday that my American self just does not grasp?  Fortunately this story has a happy ending, in that the co-op down the street was open to 11 p.m. as normal.  And really it has a two-fold happy ending in that I managed to only leave the house twice in the four day weekend, in both cases only briefly for the purpose of obtaining comestibles, and as such I continued to make great progress with both my apartment reorganization and with the slightly overdue book chapters I have been writing.  A lovely weekend indeed.  If only today had not started out with a series of emails from people following up on my not having gotten back to them yet from 2 weeks ago… it’s been quite a wild ride lately, the job has been really busy and the weekend was much appreciated.


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