Size matters, part 1

When it comes to closet space, bigger is better.  I have now finished the transformation of my bedroom, which formerly had only a single 2-door wardrobe, into a clean and organized dream thanks to my new wall of IKEA wardrobes:


Hidden behind these similar-looking doors are drawers, shelves, cupboards, hanging space, I could go on for days.  I love my new UK “closets”.  I think this is even better than anything I ever had in the US, never having had a “California closets” arrangement, not even when I owned a house.  My last US apartment had plenty of closet space but it was never usefully partitioned like this!

3 responses to “Size matters, part 1

  1. This is an excellent arrangement for storage. One you made all by yourself!

    The absence of in-built storage is a major problem in British housing. And then I see people with massive shopping bags and I wonder – where on earth do they put it all? (To be fair, all probably aren’t neurotic about neatly hanging up their clothes but that is another discussion).

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  3. OK, I didn’t scroll far enough. But one shot from outside the kitchen to get the perpective would be good.

    Now to put in a full shower and a freezer with room for ice cream….

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