Size matters, part 2

In contrast to the new closets, where bigger is better, when travelling for work all the time, even the smallest Mac laptop can start to get quite heavy. I was thoroughly disgusted when I realized that, while my old Powerbook fit, my new Macbook did not actually fit into my beloved Kate Spade messenger bag. Alas, I have solved the problem with the acquisition of my latest toy (at less total cost than the wardrobes, I might add!):

On the left, my trusty laptop. On the right, my new Asus Eee. I will be taking it on a test-drive to Austria next week, and I’ll let you know what I think. For now, I’m delighted. Not only does it fit into my messenger bag, I can actually just about slide it into my purse. Now that’s a laptop for a girl on the go!!!

(I also note that I beat my Dad, who has also been eye-ing these things, and have a current and I’m sure temporary lead in the coolness stakes when it comes to gadgets!)


4 responses to “Size matters, part 2

  1. Aaaaahhh, now I’m all jealous. 4 GB or 8 GB? Does it have a British plug? (Okay, thats not all that important, I’m just curious…) How do you like Linux?

  2. Is there a webcam? I don’t see it on the bezel. It seems to me that that is a “must” (there are two models, it seems, one with, one without, everything else the same).

    I’m not sure I see any significance to whether it is 4r or 8 gig flash drive, though. You just grab the size SD card you need for your data files and store them there, leave the on-board for applications.

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