Travel is always an adventure

Greetings from the Austrian alps, where I will be for the next four days at a conference. I’m exhausted, been up since 4 am BST, packed (badly! forgot to bring cell phone charger…), had a car service take me and my colleague/travel companion for the week to the airport, flew to Germany, got into our rental car and proceeded to get us lost three times on the way to the hotel. The driving directions obtained on the web looked perfectly sensible and they were fine in Germany but in Austria they kept telling us to turn the wrong way and we kept stupidly believing them. In the midst of this, we drove through hail so hard it accumulated on the road and made the freeway completely white, not to mention periods of snow, rain and fog at different points along the road. It was a quite exciting trip, all told. I’m glad to be here, glad to have four nights in a row before we have to do the return trip in the wee hours of the morning–an adventure that I am frankly not looking forward to, although we now have a really fantastic map of Austria. Hopefully we will have some fun and see some things while here, at the moment my notoriously car-sick self (especially when on curvy 2-lane roads) is just glad to be sitting in one place for a bit.


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