Jaded AND forgetful

Travel adventures continue. Paralleling the adventures blogger Jen (of 1000 times no) has had this week, I also managed to forget something important on my trip, this would be my cell phone charger. Actually both of them. So now I have two cell phones (one work, one play) and no charger for either (a single would work for both). I thought back to my own list of previous “Oh no I forgot…” adventures and had the following:

  • My pajamas, when I was sharing a hotel room with one of my colleagues. Of course, he was the husband of one of my friends and I had been a bridesmaid in their wedding. I bought an oversized t-shirt at the airport.
  • Socks, aside from the ones I was wearing, on a job interview trip. Those socks had to make it three days.
  • Deodorant, when attending a work event in Las Vegas. In July.
  • Hairbrush, when at a conference where I had no access to a store of any sorts, and had to use my fingers.

At least I have my computer and wireless access such that I am not completely incommunicado for the time I am here in Austria, but it was a bit daft to forget that… especially when I brought the converter for UK to EU plugs but nothing to plug into it.

That adventure aside, as I was showering and getting dressed this morning, I realized I have become completely jaded. There is a time when you are young where traveling for work seems fun. Where hotels feel an adventure, and where dining in restaurants is exciting–especially when the boss back home is paying. Now I have hit the point where travel is a chore, I’m jaded and have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning to attend lectures from early morning to late night. I feel like chatting with my friends but not with shaking hands and handing out business cards following introductions. I would give anything to travel to places where I know someone and can stay in a house instead of a hotel, and even better if I don’t have to travel at all and can spend whole days at home when not in the office. What a switch.

Perhaps my being jaded is not being helped by Austrian/German radio. I am not kidding, they are playing New Kids on the Block right now. I have also heard Metallica, AC/DC and (the best) “Rock me Amadeus”. Of course, my sister will inevitably bring up the fact that NKOTB was only the second most embarrassing concert I have been to, since the whole Color Me Badd thing just does not seem to be going away any time soon…


4 responses to “Jaded AND forgetful

  1. I join you in the “Jaded Club”. Younger colleagues drool with envy seeing my travel schedule. What they don’t realize is that it’s rare to actually get to see anything but venues and hotel rooms and airports when you travel for business. I’ve been to Rome three times now and have never actuallly seen Rome…teaching in remote office-park-type hotels.


  2. Welcome to the club! I saw advice a long time ago that said to make a packing list on some sturdy paper and then stick the paper in the same pocket of your suitcase. Even that was too much of a stretch for me — I keep my list online at rememberthemilk.com and pull it up every time I start packing.

    If I ever lose my Internet access before I get on a plane, I’m convinced I will turn up somewhere with no clean undies.

    As for the bad music, you must be tuned in to an 80’s station. Falco?! “Don’t turn around, uh-oh!”

  3. In some ways it has definitely been 80s week, but in general the songs have been mixed up.

  4. You need to keep the wind-up flashlight with the auxiliary cell-phone charge cord permanently in your travel bag. That’s why I have a separate travel bag permanently equipped with a hairbrush, deodorant, belt, ibuprofen, underwear, a pair of socks, a batter-powered shaver, and breath mints. About every 2 years I refresh the perishables. Don’t travel as much any more (hurrah, I graduated to more prosaic responsibilities, which is good since I am an introvert anyway), but each item has saved my life at some point.

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