Austria round-up

I am back from Austria, which was a great time.  I was, of course, there for work but there were a few fun outings, including what has become a recurring theme in my life in the last year or so:

That’s right, another gondola ride.   We also got to see Innsbruck‘s old town, which was quite lovely.  In Innsbruck I even managed to snag a mini-USB cable that allowed me to charge my cell phones, thus restoring communications fully about halfway through my trip.  I enjoyed the trip overall, but I’m definitely burned out on work travel right now.  I could have enjoyed this trip so much more–both personally and professionally.   It feels really disappointing to me when I no longer see everything around me and don’t enjoy the adventures as much as I could.  Regardless, although it was a long trip home (12 hours total!  Drive  3.5 hours from Austria to Munich, sit in airport, fly to London, take a train requiring a connection, and finally a taxi back “home”) I’m glad I went but even more I’m glad to be back.


2 responses to “Austria round-up

  1. Once you are rested up, I’m hoping for a little review of the Asus eee on the road.

  2. City boy that I am, I thought the mountains were pretty, but all I could focus on was the snow. Snow means Winter, and Winter means cold. Ugh. We’ll have a great innovation when we figure out how to do ski vacations without needing snow….

    So, I liked the village and the buildings, etc. What is that thing that looks like a diamond-encrusted doorknob?

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