English beauty

Now this is something you would not likely see in the US:

Size 16 Miss England Finalist (story 1) (story 2)

This I love.  Combined with the survey this week that showed that 80% of men found a 12 or 14 most attractive compared with a size 8, it’s good news for curvy girls all around.  At least in England and Australia.  Don’t know what’s going on back in the US but I really am not sure I care 🙂


3 responses to “English beauty

  1. emperorbananaketchup

    Brits really love a good deal of meat on their bone when they want to do so.

    Bad news for skinny skanks like Kate Moss and Amy Winehouse

  2. Hmm. I recall seeing that story and sending a link to someone….

  3. NFAH: I just got back from 2 weeks in Sili Valley. Having bought clothes from 00 to 4P I am not sure if size matters; the fit however does. 🙂 Not sure about size 16 Miss England contestant though, except that she is representative in many ways.

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