Let’s get a few things straight

Occasionally I find some comment on this blog that is remarkably negative.  I’m NOT going to link to the one that is bothering me right now, but I think it’s fair to just make a direct comment.  My attitude towards expat life is one of constant bemusement.   I try to write this blog in a mostly tongue-firmly-in-cheek manner.  I do not universally love America nor do I universally hate Britain.  I find both governments do really silly things at times.  I have found  my life overseas to be easier in some ways and harder in other ways compared to what I expected.  None of this is helped by the fact that I have a tricky job in which the (previously not obvious to me) cultural differences between the Americans and the English have factored heavily in my daily existence.  More than anything, it’s the British sense of internal self-deprecation and constant negativity that I find amusing and surprising, as it was not something I was expecting and certainly not something I was aware of before I hopped the pond.  I never thought of myself as a hopeless optimist nor did I consider myself characteristically American in this regard.  I will continue to make humorous and sometimes less humorous commentaries on both cultures, and I find it cathartic to write it all down in this form of a blog.  If you find that bothers you then don’t read what I wrote and certainly don’t waste your time writing biting commentary that misses the point that whatever I said was probably supposed to be funny in the first place.


One response to “Let’s get a few things straight

  1. Silly English k-nnnnniggets!
    … in your general direction.

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