Was walking home from work tonight who did I see in front of me, heading towards me?

One of Britain’s most beloved actors. Chariots of Fire, anyone?

Oh yes, he was every bit as attractive as the photos (if not more so) and was ever-so-casually strolling down the street with his jacket over one shoulder.  I stared.  I admit it.   I may have even drooled.  And looked back after he walked past to check out his bum 😉

I actually know him best from the totally outrageous Manchild, which I used to watch on BBC America when I still lived in the US.  Oh the irony… I haven’t watched the BBC even once in 18 months in England!

9 responses to “Sighting

  1. NFAH, good job you have not watched BBC – or much British TV – in so many months.

    Nigel Havers nowadays promotes double glazing, patio making firms, and car insurance. That would have been enough to put paid to any romantic notions one might have about him 😉

    On second thoughts, should I have told you this at all?

  2. Ah Shefaly, I think you are right, I’d like to remember him as Manchild’s Terry or the cute thing I saw on the street tonight. Definitely not the paid pitchman!

  3. So what’s the matter with “paid pitchmen”? And I don’t really see anything wrong with double glazing or patios. Or selling them. In America, such a guy would be in rehab after drowning his sorrows over lost fame.

    One of the things I like about British theatuh and fillum is that the stars tend more to be actual people instead of spoiled, mindless, self-absorbed narcissists.

    But then, I’m an old curmudgeon.

  4. Kurmudge: Many of them are also pompous asses, if you do not mind my being profane and some of them _are_ killing themselves slowly through drugs making it more and more acceptable for white collar guys to think drugs are a-ok.

    In case of NH, I do think it is kind of an unglamorous thing. You know? Girls would rather, he with his posh accent and all flog us foie gras or some such and not patios…

  5. Not me, I’d find flogging foie gras extremely offensive! (Former vegetarian, now pescetarian)

  6. Ok, patios for you, NFAH, and foie gras for some others 🙂

  7. Oh, the world is full of pompous asses in all walks of life. And there are certainly UK “presenters” who are as air-headed as Britney Spears and the game show models.

    But it seems to me that many of the Brits are more likely to move back and forth between the West End, some low budget film, a “telly” programme (see how I’ve gone native, all the way from the Midwestern US?), then some big budget blockbuster. The “movie stars” in the US mostly would never deign to go near proletarian television, and they are so wooden and untalented that if you threw them on a stage they’d embarrass themselves inside of three minutes.

    My nephew went through high school and the school plays with an American movie actor named Josh Hartnett. The inside word, from backstage poker games, is that Hartnett would have a lot of trouble locating his own nether anatomy lacking a detailed topographical map and a personal assistant to read it for him. Now he has devoted his pretty face to finding “meaning” in life, which for him is making an idiot of himself over curing global warming. (fly all over the world in private jets telling us to use compaqct fluorescent light bulbs to save the planet).

  8. “But it seems to me that many of the Brits are more likely to move back and forth between the West End, some low budget film, a “telly” programme (see how I’ve gone native, all the way from the Midwestern US?)…”

    @ Kurmudge: You are right. That was the general idea but then we have the Emma Thompsons and Helena Bonham-Carters who eschew Hollywood like the plague now. And Hugh ” House, MD” Laurie recently complained that thanks to his Hollywood success, nobody wants to give him theatre work anymore. This, when the man retains his beautiful accent and deadpan humour and delivery in interviews unlike some, whose accents have now metamorphosed to become some sort of mid-Atlantic whine, like Loyd Grossman’s.

    So there are pompous asses and then there are snobs. I think the latter abound.

    That said, many Hollywood “stars” come to the UK to get their theatre fix. Even if you do not think of Spamalot as theatre, Alan Dale is treading the boards in the West End as King Arthur. Kevin Spacey seems to be becoming a permanent resident as the keeper of Queen Vic. So perhaps it is just that their “ecosystem” is all wrong, not the people.

  9. Hey, I am a natural born prole. Grew up in modest circumstances, worked my way through college so it took alomost 6 years. I read everything except books that would be approved of in NY Upper East Side and Marin County. I am so unsophisticated that I fully intend to go see “Spamalot”, I went to see “Mama Mia”, and “Jersey Boys”. I even like (gulp) good dinner theater. I mean, theatre. And I hate those off-Broadway things that are supposed to shame us into rejecting capitalism and war, blah blah.

    I also like Emma Thompson. And Helen Mirren. Forget these bimbo beach bunny Hollywood types.

    But I am not certain which ecosystem you refer to. Spacey is one with whom I disagree on most public policy issues, but he is also decidedly non-Hollywood, as is, interestingly, Jon Voight.

    I think I just shy away from people who simply want to be famous, as opposed to good, useful, or productive.

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