Conversations between Americans in the UK

Conversations between American expats in the UK demonstrate the highs and lows of expat existence.  Two of these were particularly memorable to me–a participant in each–from the last 24 hours.

Conversation 1.

Setting: Starbucks

Participants: me, the new American cash register guy

CRG: What can I get started for you?

Me: Venti iced latte, please.

CRG: Would you like that for here or to go?

Me: To go.

CRG: That will be two pounds sixty five.

Me: Hey wait a minute, they don’t say “to go” here, they say “take away”!

CRG: (laughs) I know, I’ve been working here three and a half weeks and I keep messing it up.  I have been getting the funniest looks from people who eventually figure out “oh you mean eat-in or take-away”.

Me: (laughing) Hey I don’t mind!  I love hearing “for here or to go” – it just caught me off guard!

CRG: I’ll work on it!

Conversation 2.

Setting: telephone call

Participants: me,  American work colleague (who started here the same day as me)

AWC: … don’t you think we should follow up on that, with a phone call?

Me: Email maybe.  But hey, it hasn’t even been a month.  This is England.

AWC: I’m tired of England

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