Some weeks are better than others

And this was not one of the good weeks.  It was rough, tough, and its greatest redeeming factor was the sense of “that which does not kill you can only make you stronger!”   Time to review a few “light at the end of the tunnel” moments to try and keep perspective.

  • It’s been so cold that the windows have been necessarily shut and there has been no fly infestation in my flat.  When it does warm up, thanks to my father who scouted around online, I have some new adjustable fly-screens to try.
  • The housekeeping staff came by after nearly two months without stopping in for no apparent reasons (albeit only after I flagged it up) and actually vacuumed (“hoovered” in the local lingo) my carpet.
  • I found another blog of Americans in London who seem to be equally mystified as I about the way this country works (or just doesn’t as the case may be!)
  • This extraordinary article on Slate on the use of computer based therapy in England (where the NHS is overwhelmed and there is a therapist shortage) gave me a good chuckle, especially the opening line, “England is crazy and so am I.”  I could NOT have said it better myself.

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