Do I just have a dirty mind?

In Minnesota we used to joke that there were two seasons, winter and road construction.  Here in England I find there are two seasons, winter and building work that requires lots of scaffolding.  Admittedly I live in an old part of an old town, but I have never seen so much scaffolding in my life.  It’s been going up everywhere in the last few days.  (I have no idea what they are doing with it–my knowledge of engineering apparently does not extend to this one!)

I walked by a truck this week, one with lots of scaffolding supplies in the back, and just about tripped over the curb when I saw what was written on the side of the truck cab in huge, bright letters:

Erection specialists!

I can’t even type it without giggling.  Do it, google scaffold and “erection specialists” and you get a whole list of companies advertising their wares (ahem).  I think this was the one I saw but it could have been this one, and don’t forget this one for a “specialty erection service.”  I’m not going to be able to walk around town straight-faced this whole construction season.  I guess I have a dirty mind.


8 responses to “Do I just have a dirty mind?

  1. Hahaha…I wonder how often impotent men in search of “erection specialists” inadvertently wind up talking to scaffolding experts 😉

  2. Actually, the two seasons in Minnesota are “travel advisory” and “road construction”.

    If they begin working early in the morning, do the erection specialists knock you up before they really get to work?

  3. Hmm. “specialty erection service.” I assume that Viagra is the plain old, garden- variety product, and Cialis is the “specialty”.

    We can tell that Jen has spent some time in the UK…. I think this is like the S. O. saying that he’ll “ring you in the morning” and ends up picking out diamond jewelry for the engagement rather than being on the phone.

  4. I wasn’t sure if the real erection specialists were urologists or folks like Bob Dole. Certain google searches on this subject (done for purely research purposes, of course!) do lead to quite a few “manhood” problems while others just give you run of the mill scaffold engineering. And that’s a mystery of google that I will leave for another day.

  5. NFAH: That is what they say in Switzerland too. Winters and Construction.

  6. Re: your question in the post title, good if you do. 😉

    Some of those erection services also offer rentals. 😀

  7. Nah, its not only you 😀


  8. Don’t feel bad. I always think the same thing!


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