Oh happy day!

Anyone following the developments as I’ve tried to adapt my English flat to my American self will be glad to see the latest arrivals, as of this morning:

That’s right, no more sitting on the floor for me, I have a new love-seat that has the huge advantage of also being a sofa-bed (should anyone care to visit!).  Also, as of yesterday I also have a new pantry cupboard in the kitchen:

This was to address the odd circumstance of there being no “upper cupboards” in my kitchen–there were only cupboards below the counter-tops.  The stove is just to the right of this new cupboard, so my food and spices and things can go away instead of sitting out on the counter.  All of this combined with my new wardrobes and other recent acquisitions means that I have now finally got an apartment that is far more functional than when I moved here.  I admit it’s not all terribly decorative; the sofa is something that belongs in a basement, not in my living room with my Delft and teacup collections, but at the end of the day it was function I was after more than style.  This was my clear favorite of the sofa-beds in John Lewis, and quite frankly I was feeling too old to get another futon.


2 responses to “Oh happy day!

  1. I can CERTAINLY identify with THIS post! At least the house we bought last year has three closets…smaller than US size but still pretty good, especially for British houses. I’ve always had the same response as you – where DO people (women, especially) keep all their stuff? My husband [British] says they just don’t have as much stuff as I do. I wonder…


  2. Janet

    Watching the number of shopping bags on the tube, it is hard to believe that British people do not have the same amount of stuff as anyone else. 🙂

    The wardrobe problem is universal in the UK but one may get lucky – as you did – and get some fitted ones as I did too in houses 1 and 2. The third one, I am told, the fitted ones were ripped out and replaced with standalone. Hmm.

    I think one other reason for no fitted wardrobes may be the arm-and-a-leg pricing of anything made to a decent standard out of decent materials. There is plyboard and MDF galore but if it is real wood, one has to be prepared to sacrifice tonnes of cash. I once got a quote for £8000 for making fitted book shelves in a study that was barely 12ftX12ft and I was planning to use 1-1/2 walls only. The quote was for English Oak admittedly but it did not budge much for English Pine which I do not like the grain of…

    Oh well. There is always the standalone option, isn’t it?

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