Oh dear

Today I was in a building (associated with work) that I had never been in before, and as sometimes happens I visited the ladies room. I am not kidding, there were two black and white cartoons, word-free signs in the stall, one showing the person sitting on the toilet (not unlike the first panel of this), and the other showing how to throw toilet paper in the toilet. I realize that I live in a very multicultural place, and in my own building for work there are signs with words discussing the dire consequences of treating the toilets differently than they are intended to be treated. But it was still a bit much. I was feeling utterly ridiculous about the sad state of humankind until I saw this from diamond geezer. It really is true, the British authorities in some way or another really do think we are all morons. And people say America has a litigious culture? Surely in a land with all this ridiculous signage (none of which I saw in the states) the “over the top” element is far worse…

5 responses to “Oh dear

  1. There is no way to make a comment on this without sounding racist. Suffice it to say that I once shared my “flat” in college with a woman from a certain country who had to be told basics of hygiene such as ‘do not dispose of toilet paper in the waste basket’, ‘we wrap used sanitary doodads before disposing’, ‘please wipe the edges of the bath after you use it, especially if you have splashed around like a mermaid’. When I raised the issue of an unclean bathroom floor, I had to deal with questions like ‘what is bleach?’ and ‘But why would you want to walk barefeet on the bathroom floor?’. As you can tell, after 6 years I am still cross just thinking of it.

    This was no village belle. Her use of the bathroom shelves was 5 times more than mine and her shelves were adorned with Shiseido face washes, never mind she shopped at Asda for a whole term and put meat products in the fridge.

    The truth is that it is possible to discover new dimensions to being moronic in some situations.

    Now what were you saying about signage? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Shefaly,

    it’s not racist to comment on the fact that people from different countries have different cultural backgrounds. I fear that word gets used way too much around here. It’s racist to discriminate against someone because of the color of their skin.

  3. NFAH: Alas, while you and I understand that purist definition, many others may not. That I complained to the graduate tutor about this issue was seen as racist by many in my own college. Needless to say it may be racist to point out people of which colour get more hot and bothered about any insinuations related to colour…

  4. When I’m in doubt about toilet etiquette, I always go to Borat for guidance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’d say it’s about habit, not race. Every time I come back from China, it takes me a week to remember to start flushing toilet paper again. You just get in the habit of throwing it in the trash and go on autopilot!

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