When expat life is just life

I am just barely keeping up right now. I’ve had a long week, a lot to do, and have a lot of work stacked up for doing on the weekend. As such, I have had very little to say in the line of amusing expat anecdotes about life in Britain. Some days I actually see this as a small victory: my life is just my life right now, my job is my busy job, and the fact that it is in a foreign land goes oddly unnoticed. There are little reminders, the spell-checker on my office computer picks up words that I spell in “American” instead of “English”. When I have telephone conferences, on the other end of the phone I hear Scottish and Welsh, not “southern” or “Boston” accents. But this is definitely one of those weeks when I feel settled and happy here (except for the stressful and busy parts!)

Perhaps it helps that I have comfortable furniture in my flat now. Perhaps my new wardrobes and kitchen cabinets are making me happy. Perhaps my expat friends are keeping me sane without my thinking consciously about it. Who knows. But some weeks expat life is just life full stop. And when that happens, when living in a foreign country is not a total distraction and central to your mind, well that’s a very good thing.


3 responses to “When expat life is just life

  1. And I could not agree more. 🙂

    Glad you are feeling settled.

    I am trying to find more about a gardens tour which we can do in summer when your workload reduces.

  2. I want to see pictures of the new wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. Also screens….

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