Royal weddings

So last weekend Pres. Bush’s daughter got married, and this weekend we had a royal wedding here in the UK.  Now admittedly it was a pretty far-down-the-line royal wedding, but still it’s always worth a look at the amazing architectural features that the Brits consider hats for weddings.  It’s such a relief that you can rent (“hire“) these amazing objects at dedicated hat hire outlets.   The best ones, however, are the “fascinators” –see this lovely site for “bespoke headware for all occasions”!   (Some sentences really do give away the immense cultural and linguistic differences between England and America and that has to be one of them!)  It brings to mind the tragic character played by Winona Ryder in one of my favorite bad movies, Autumn in New York.   They had a great May-December romance and she made fascinators.  I just didn’t know that’s what they were at the time, or that they existed outside of that movie.  How naive I was back then.


One response to “Royal weddings

  1. NFAH:

    A very appropriate and interesting reading is to be found in this weekend’s FT (should need no registration etc) – Vanessa Friedman’s article “Hats off to the Bush Family”.

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