The SATC Movie: Thank goodness I live in England!

I went to see the Sex and the City movie this afternoon, yes afternoon, it’s been wild time at work lately and I decided a 3:00 matinee was in order.  And for some odd reason, the movie started today here in England but it won’t start until Friday in the states.  So for once I got a HUGE advantage out of living here in the UK!  Also for some amusing reason it got rated totally different here than anywhere, while it’s R in the states and 18+ in Canada, its only 15+ here even though it has all the usual hallmarks of SATC including plenty of nudity.  Whatever.  I loved the movie, I laughed, I cried.  It was the first time I did a movie solo here in England, I’ve gone alone in the US but mostly when I was freshly divorced and not at all recently.   It was also the first time I bought a movie ticket online and picked it up at the theatre, which is a totally cool innovation.  I was, however, disappointed in my popcorn and will have to get some when next I’m in the states.  I used to work in movie theatres so I have a real taste for nasty yummy popcorn with buttery stuff on it, but here they don’t do that.  First of all they offer you a choice of sweet or salty popcorn, and it’s really dry.  Oh well.  At least the movie is great.


5 responses to “The SATC Movie: Thank goodness I live in England!

  1. See, now I worked at the same theater as you, but the experience totally turned me off movie theater popcorn. I don’t think I’ve had it once in the 15 years since I quit that horrible job.

    They do the sweet or salty thing in Asia, too, and they also make you pick your seat when you buy the ticket, which is nice because then there is no rush to get into the theater, no matter how packed it is.

    I’m torn on this movie – the reviews have been really mixed, but I might have to rethink a bit if you liked it so much.

  2. This was actually the first time I had been to that particular theater and not gotten to pick a seat in advance, maybe they only do that at night and not for the matinees.

  3. Oh, and here I was counting on you to go to see this film when I have not see any of the TV series, not one episode. 😦

  4. Shefaly, I am with the reviewers who say that the film will delight fans of the show but perhaps be mysterious for those not already having deep emotional attachments to the characters. I do, however, own the full set of DVDs if you want to catch up 🙂

  5. I’m with Shefaly. I think I’ll go watch an old Billy Wilder movie, or a Cary Grant, or Harry Met Sally for the 6th time, instead.

    The four women kind of turn me off. They seem so self-absorbed and unstable to me, and that is based on 10 minutes here or there, I’ve never seen an entire episode.

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