Ode to my new coffee maker

There is no way for this not to sound like a paid promotion–I am in love with my new coffee maker and I want to tell the world.  I had been developing coffee maker envy for more than a few months, as not one but two of my friends sang the praises of the Nespresso system.  I hated the idea of excess packaging, although I had been using individual coffee pods in my Senseo for years, and actually the Nespresso pods are recyclable…  my Senseo machine has been leaking nasty brown water onto my counter top, and this past weekend as part of a huge apartment overhaul (more on that in another post) I broke down and bought a Nespresso machine.  The swing factor was not the coffee maker itself, but the cool toy that came with the coffee maker: the Aeroccino.   This thing is pure brilliance.  I had a proper espresso machine once upon a time, with the wand that used steam to froth milk and was impossible to clean, and required a second pressurized run of the espresso maker itself.  It quickly became too much of a burden to use for home and I became a compulsive Starbucks drinker for my daily latte.  (Or Caribou when in Minnesota!)    But this little Aeroccino pitcher is easy to use and easy to clean.  Instructions read like those for a tea kettle except you pour in milk, not water.  It sets on a little base that is plugged into the wall, and you push a button on the front.  Hot frothy milk due to a magnetic motor drive and all in about a minute.  Two different frothers for cap. vs. latte in terms of foam amount.   I have only had Starbucks once in 5 days of owning the thing, and that was only because the coffee machine shipped with an insufficient starter supply of coffee, and since it was a bank holiday Monday my coffee shipment was delayed.  This morning all is well in the coffee world in my very organized flat, and my only incentive to hit Starbucks is to chat up the American baristas when I get homesick.  And as for the waste associated with individually packaged coffee pods, well, I’m sticking that in the same “necessary evil” category as love miles.


2 responses to “Ode to my new coffee maker

  1. I do not have the Aeroccino but the faithful Nespresso machine has been in use for the last 8 years. Gulp! I did not realise it has been that long. So when you visit, you will be right at home 🙂

    If I get out of my study, may be I should swing by Knightsbridge, and buy an Aeroccino too. Why not?

  2. Nespresso has been around for 8 years? My goodness I totally missed that one until a year ago! I do highly, highly recommend the Aeroccino. It was definitely what made me switch, they were doing demos in John Lewis and I could not believe how cool that thing was–and how silent!

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