All hail the west end!

I started blogging over a year ago as a way to vent frustrations and write about my expat experiences.  It truly never occurred to me that blogging would lead to friendships in the real world.  But I have been utterly blessed by real relationships that have grown out of blogging, and today was a time where I got to enjoy one of them.  I have just returned from one of the most fun afternoons I have had in all my time in England, having lunch and seeing a  West End London play with one of my blogger friends who has emerged into a real world friend.  The food was amazing, I had my very very favorite food channa batura and then was in the fifth row of the Gielgud theatre for “God of Carnage” starring two men–Ralph Fiennes and Ken Stott–both of whom I have for years found extremely attractive in different ways.  I’m going to skip any waxing lyrical on Ralph and not comment on his even hotter brother.  Oops, just did.  Anyways… Ken Stott was someone I first saw on the TV show “The Vice” on BBC America and he had the same vibe as Trevor Eve.   I clearly have a thing for slightly graying men who play detectives on television.  Regardless, the play was awesome, although cringe-worthy at times in its accurate portrayal of the darker side of human behavior.  My only disappointment was that my job interfered with my plans to stay over in London and meet up with another blogger–that will happen some time soon for sure.  And now back to work.


3 responses to “All hail the west end!

  1. NFAH: You are welcome 🙂

    It was great to see you too. And on the Fiennes folks, I would much rather have shared my birthday with R than with J but such is life…

  2. I saw God of Carnage when it was in previews… Very good, and also now we have something even more to talk about when we become real-live friends!

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