I’m a Minnesota girl afterall

So I took a keen interest in this past weekend’s 50th birthday of Prince, a fellow Minneapolitan who does NOT look 50. I look older than he does. Anyways, courtesy GraphJam:

What can I say, this is what it sounds like when doves cry. And in August I will be home to purify myself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka. And hit the state fair. Countdown is on….


5 responses to “I’m a Minnesota girl afterall

  1. Is being born in Minnesota a big advantage in life?

  2. Did you have any choice about where you were born?

  3. That’s odd, these comments are completely inappropriate and unrelated to the post. WTF?

  4. Not inappropriate nor unrelated.

    Being a Minnesotan appears to be important to you, though it wasnothing you had control over, or contributed to. Since the state of Minnesota is one which in this country ranks even lower in the public’s comprehension than possibly even the state of Delaware, I was intrigued to know why it was that you give ‘Minnesotism’ such prominence.

    The vehemence of your reply suggests that you were annoyed by my questions. If that is the case, I apologize. It is just that I like to find out about things.

  5. It seemed to me that you were implying that I had some sort of superiority complex over what was just circumstance. But I know very few people who do not have an affection to some place that they live or have lived, and I think it is quite easily magnified when you’re an expat 4000 miles away in a strange country and you only get to go back once a year or so.

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