Search terms

I have to copy brazenly from Yael and list the most common search terms people used to find this blog, because, well they’re remarkably silly.

  • 3 of the top 5 involve Leehom Wang and Cockney Girl the song.  Appropriate for an expat, eh?
  • A whopping 74 people found me when querying the “English reserve” but I doubt they meant to find my post with that title but ending with a question mark…
  • “Good things about England” with 55 searches beats “Bad things about England” with 33
  • 38 people are apparently seeking my economics expertise (not!) with “pounds vs dollars” plus another 23 with the same search but “versus” spelled out; add 20 more for “expat cost of living”
  • A large number of the intermediate results (numerically speaking) involve the word “cleavage” and I don’t think they’re looking for my fracture mechanics knowledge
  • My superstar friend is “Kara Purrier” (seriously, hon, is someone stalking you?)
  • I doubt many of the people looking for an “Italian word of the day” realize I was talking about focaccia restaurants and not some useful word.  No language lessons here, at least not Italian ones!
  • Many must be appreciating my fine advice on sleeping on airplanes. Which is good since I’m heading out across the pond again soon and will need to revisit that advice.

2 responses to “Search terms

  1. Never underestimate the power of Leehom to draw in Googlers!

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