And again…

I’m off to Heathrow (still T4) to travel back to the US for a conference.  It’s really a rough job I have, this whole forced-week-on-the-beach-in-Cape-Cod.  🙂  Don’t get me wrong, though it will most certainly be work.  These things can be absolutely exhausting, and of course in the modern era, the email never stops coming just because you’re not sitting at your desk.  And no, I do not use those “vacation auto reply” messages, I have to admit, I despise them fully and completely.   I never understand people who say they were away from their email because they were at a conference.  I’m never away from my email.   I’m on my email on Christmas.  It’s my primary mode of communication with family and friends.  I like knowing that I know what’s going on back at work even when I’m away.  Some could say I have that technology addiction problem–fine.  I’ll take it.  But I’m still checking my email, even in Cape Cod!

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