Three things

And these three things are not related and I’m not going to pretend that they are!

Thing 1: This book, “Rules, Brittania” looks like fun.  I’ll have to grab a copy and see what I’ve been doing wrong these last (almost) two years.  When you search for it on Amazon you get a bunch of other guides for expats living abroad, including recent editions of both London and England specific books.  Now why on earth did it not occur to me to look for something like this BEFORE I actually moved?  Oh the heartache I could have saved.  It makes me feel remarkably naive.

Thing 2: In amusing UK-US visa news, Boy George was denied a US visa for concerts this summer.

Thing 3: I apparently was reasonably lucky that my transatlantic flight on 14th June was NOT one of those much affected by the controversial presidential visit that went through Heathrow that weekend.  My flight was slightly delayed but we actually landed on time due to a huge bird (first time I’ve been on a 747 on the transatlantic route!) and a wicked tailwind.  But how stupid, just because the prez was going to dinner at Windsor Castle the British Airports Authority did not  mind disrupting the travel plans of 40,000 paying consumers?  Priorities, people.  But oh how very British, bending over backwards for the rich and famous at the expense of everyman.


7 responses to “Three things

  1. I’m reminded of a quote from “Yes Prime Minister”:

    Bernard Woolley (on the phone): “Yes, we will want simultaneous translators. … No, not when the PM meets the leaders of the English speaking nations. … Yes, the English speaking nations can be said to include the United States. With a certain generosity of spirit.”

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  3. You forgot to mention that Martha Stewart was denied a UK visa in the same week. 🙂

    And yes, the planes ought not to have been inconvenienced but this is how most other nations – not just Britain but perhaps with the exception of USA – treat heads of states. Priority over everyman.

  4. I had totally missed the Martha thing, thanks for pointing it out! Details here:

    I’m not sure the insider trading-type charges against Martha really qualify as “serious crimes abroad” as the grounds for a visa denial…

  5. Well if awaiting trial – which should assume ‘innocent until proven guilty’ – can be the basis of a visa refusal, surely a convicted crime qualifies for similar if not worse treatment.

    My favourite description of Americans, which describes many public behaviours is this term coined by an American academic – “Public Puritanism but Private Sinfulness”. What a pregnant phrase!

  6. But how does insider trading make Martha a danger to enter the UK? This is what I don’t get. Boy George is awaiting trial for false imprisonment, and he already served community service for filing a false police report. I don’t think these two are the same at all!

  7. The USA is no exception – Clinton infamously held up air traffic while he had a hair cut in LAX.

    Interestingly, Blair and Brown don’t get priority over everyman. They have had to make alternative transport arrangements when their jet was commandeered to transport soldiers to critically ill relatives.

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