Bogie and Bacall and Bette, oh my!

Today the Minneapolis-based blogger James Lileks has a few clips from “The Big Sleep” and I highly recommend them, if you’re into that sort of thing (like I am). (The clips are about half-way down the page.) The Bogie-Bacall obsession is a relatively recent one for me. My primary 1940s film star romance loyalties go to Katharine HepburnSpencer Tracy movies, and I stand behind them no matter what the modern biographers are saying. It was the Kate connection that turned me on to the Bogie-Bacall romance, I picked up a copy of Bacall’s autobiography “By Myself” (now updated to “By myself and then some“) right after Kate died and I was immersing myself in 1940s cinema history. Reading “By myself” then caused me to binge on the full set of Bogie-Bacall movies (although I only got them from Netflix, do not have the box set) and to land on one of my favorite all time movie clips:

I never get tired of these two together, and it’s hard not to worry that we all only get one great romance after you read about Bacall in the post-Bogie years.

This year’s 1940s movie addiction is Bette Davis, whose new biography I am reading right now. And I did manage to score the box-set. Although much to my disappointment, it’s missing my very favorite (okay, the only one I’ve ever seen, and many times at that) “Now, Voyager”:

That is my favorite line of the week, “Don’t let’s ask for the moon, we have the stars.”

One response to “Bogie and Bacall and Bette, oh my!

  1. Ok, I have gone back to blog one, in order, and am working my way through, slowly but surely. It’s amazing what one has time for when one is out of work. Anyway…. I think (correct me if I am wrong) that you bemoaned the inability of your DVD player to play both English and American DVDs. Region 1 & 2. You can buy these DVD players in the UK. My sister has one. I have a multi region DVD player that I bought here, you have to look on line for them. Since I live in Chicagoland, I was able to drive over and pick it up. Thought this might interest you.

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