The State Dept. and Boy George

Further to my comment about Boy George being denied a visa to tour the US, we find this hilarious exchange on the State Dept.’s website:

QUESTION: And what does the U.S. Government have against Boy George – (laughter) – You denied him a visa.

MR. CASEY: Sorry, I should have swallowed before you said that. (Laughter.) Let’s see if I spit the water over any place else. (Laughter.)

I’ve seen the report that’s out there. Obviously, visa records are confidential. But I’d simply note that there often are difficulties for individuals who either are currently subject to criminal charges or otherwise may have criminal records. So I think you might want to look toward some of those reasons as why he might be having some difficulties here.

QUESTION: It’s tragic really.

MR. CASEY: Do you really want to hurt him? (Laughter.)

Yeah, Libby.

QUESTION: Switch topics from Boy George?

MR. CASEY: Yes, please.

There’s even video here, which makes more sense of the laughing and water spitting lines. It’s the second item in the video so be patient through about a minute’s worth of Iran–the serious question that was asked by the same reporter.

2 responses to “The State Dept. and Boy George

  1. That was really funny – incidentally, the question is asked at about 2:30 into the video.
    Thanks for sharing!

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