And I’m back…

Back in Old Blighty, that is, although I leave for a week in Germany on Sunday and will be back in the US in less than a month.  I had a really great trip to the US, although as usual, it was mostly work and only a tiny bit of play.  But there were several particularly fun things that I did do while “home” and I think on balance it’s these that made me feel so happy, and so reluctant to get back on the plane across the pond again.

1. Drive.  I had a rental car for a full week of my trip and I drove a lot.  The car was a Toyota Camry, which has grown amazingly large since I last remember seeing them.  It had cruise control, which made my highway excursions all the more fun.  My first car had cruise control and I have been a devotee ever since.  At the end of the day, I am forced to admit that no matter how politically incorrect, no matter how bad for the environment not to mention foreign policy, tooling along by myself in that little gas guzzler (not actually, I found I was getting 40+ miles per gallon) just made me flat out happy.

2. Exercise.  I actually got some exercise on this trip, something which has been totally missing from my life lately, aside from my 10-15 minute walk to work.  Let me note now that that walk has been insufficient at providing adequate exercise.  So on this trip, not only did I haul my butt up onto a treadmill about 4 or 5 times, but I also managed to borrow a bicycle and do a few 10 mile loops.  Now the trick is going to be figuring out how not to lose that progress and momentum, now that I am back in the UK.

3. Work.  I know, this is not supposed to be the “fun” part, but I do actually like what I do, and having quiet days not in my office to actually get some stuff done–it was really great.  Now that I’m back in England I have meetings each and every day for much of the time, so I will have to figure out ways to carve out quiet time again.

4. Eat.  Ah yes, American food.  What does that actually even mean?  I think the “you know you’re in America when you taste…” items that truly distinguished it from Britain are:

  • fajitas
  • Papa John’s pizza (thin crust, yum) and parmesan breadsticks
  • vegetables, especially green ones
  • super yummy fresh salads
  • bagels

I ate well, in fact, at times even ravenously after all the physical exertion. 

So that’s the wrap-up.   Germany coming up is a sort of odd trip, not my usual work thing but instead a CD recording and some concerts with my music group.  And the upcoming US trip in late July/early August will be NO fun and all work and pretty high pressure at that.  So this was it for a little respite before the late August trip to Minnesota for the State Fair, Jonny Lang concert, and family and friends catch-up.  It’s always good to be back “home” (when home is where your belongings are) but it’s also good to have been back “home” (when home is where your heart is).   

One response to “And I’m back…

  1. mmmm…papa john’s pizza! Craving that garlic dipping stuff – so wrong. Can’t wait for your August visit!

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