Random links of randomness

I find myself on occasion with a whole lotta tabs open in Camino with no real string to tie them all together; today I’m so tired I don’t even try.

  1. The Minneapolis Star Tribune newspaper apparently has seen the errors of its ways and reverted back on several of its major shake-ups over the last few years. As per Lileks himself, “Source” has gone back to being “Variety” and Lileks himself has a regular print column again. How they made either of those misguided changes in the first place, I will never know.
  2. I had a similar reaction to Jen on reading this blurb on Minnesota place names. Especially, as we were, out in frontier land, the names themselves are interesting and quite different from what you find in New England. You know you’re from Minnesota when you do not hesitate at the pronunciations of “Mahtomedi” or you know the difference between Monticello MN and Jefferson’s estate is not just location.
  3. Depressing story from the Guardian on how sexist Britain is. The idea of not hiring capable women because they might (or might not!) get pregnant someday is right there in print; I argued with some caveman bloggers with this same idea a few months back. Basically they believed in the precise opposite of the affirmative action policy being discussed here in the UK; they thought it was acceptable to hire a less qualified man and not risk that the more qualified woman might have babies on the brain.
  4. This video on women and yogurt is absolutely hilarious and subversive, a bit of entertainment for those of us otherwise getting tired and upset with the whole thing. Wait, is that lesbian icon Leisha Hailey in the ridiculous yogurt ads? Apparently.
  5. Come one, come all, to the MSP airport and charge your electronic devices. Just stay out of the mens restrooms, they’ve got a pretty bad reputation.
  6. The four members of ABBA appeared in the same place at the same time for the first time in ages. Yes I’m going to see Mama Mia, Dancing Queen AND Pierce Brosnan in the same film? I’m so there.
  7. On travelling, weight gain, and English food as “fatty and stodgy”–oh yeah. The second I get back from Bavaria I’m joining the health club. In this place it is impossible for me to find good stuff that I like to eat and that has fewer calories than is needed to keep a rugby player going.

And there we have it. There were indeed burgers at the BBQ yesterday, but no condiments: you got a burger, a bun and either ketchup or mustard. No cheese. No lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and certainly no special sauce. Of course, I’m a pescetarian so I did not have a burger, but other people called them dry and untasty. People, if you wanna do the BBQ, you have to do it right! At the very least you NEED cheese. That nice yellow American stuff that melts on the burger. They were also serving Coronas with no lime wedges. I just gave up and went to a restaurant with a few colleagues, and then to a grotty pub afterwards where actual American style pool tables were to be found. Not a horrid way to spend the fourth. My friends were even downing Jack and Coke in the US’s honor. Now off to work, miles to go before I sleep and Bavarian adventures from tomorrow.


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