The bloody Germans…

…do not seem to have the level of need for the internet that I have. My trip this week has been both wonderful and miserable at times, but most importantly, I have not been able to easily share either the good or bad, because I have had minimal if any access to the internet. It’s like cutting off my arms or removing my lifeline. I was under this odd impression that Wi-Fi was everywhere and that everyone needed to stay in touch as much as I do, but apparently that is not true. Regardless, I have had several things come in that required responses on a less-than-24-hour timeline, so I’ve had to make do and figure out a way to get emergency access, even resorting to forwarding things that I would normally do and following up by text. Sigh. The good thing is that it is nearly noon on Thursday so this trip is more than half over. I just wanna go home! I remember being a kid and thinking travel was fun. I’m totally over that.

One response to “The bloody Germans…

  1. These primitive societies…. doe RB understand now how backward it is in Bavaria?

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