Burritos in the UK!

A few (or more) months ago, a tiny little Mexican food joint opened in my neighborhood. It was written up favorably in the local paper and I kept meaning to check it out, but I had not yet managed until today. It’s a take-out joint, there is no seating area but a few stools against a counter in the window. I was walking home from work tonight after a little incident (pipe burst leading to a steady drip and potential overnight flooding in my office) had delayed my progress. I realized it was the perfect time to try a little Mexican take-out, especially since I have been so suffering in the UK from a lack of vegetables California-cuisine style. I am delighted to report that my burrito was awesome, full of veggies, rice, jalapenos, pico de gallo and home-made fresh guacamole with some amazing cheese like nothing I have seen in the UK. Being me, on arrival home with this warm parcel in my hand, I immediately dumped it onto a plate and skipped the tortilla to eat the contents with a fork. But I am much cheered by this development. I do work long hours and the evening meal alone is often the hardest for me, not to mention the least good in terms of vegetable content. My burrito tonight, clocking in at less than five pounds (dollars, not weight, although the thing was heavy too!) might just help out with a bit of a culinary revolution for this starved American girl. And after growing up in a country where Mexico was on the border and the food was a ubiquitous part of the local consciousness, I have to admit to being pleased to find this little establishment–I feel as though it would be worth paying double just to make sure it stays in business with its menu of tacos, quesadillas and nachos not to mention the burritos!


3 responses to “Burritos in the UK!

  1. Ai, Madre de Dios, it’s TEN BUCKS to buy a burrito over the pond? My passport is never coming out of the drawer again.

  2. Jen, actually eight — it was 3.99 GBP plus I added the guac for another 70p. It’s the one thing you adjust to, the food in restaurants here is a bit pricey compared with the US. But a meal under five pounds is an awesome deal!

  3. So, where is this burrito place? For almost six years, I have searched high and low in the UK for worthy Mexican food, but have yet to taste success. Pray tell, where is this place?

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