Trickery for a good cause

I managed to trick my beloved nonagenarian paternal grandmother into staying on the phone with me for nearly an hour tonight, which was a new record in my nearly two years abroad. Her post-depression era tendencies are to cut off conversations at 15 minutes or so because of what it must be costing; it was a very good night to keep her chatting and distracted for a much longer period of time. The money, of course, means nothing to me compared with the opportunity to chat with her. She is about the only person on whom I spend any long distance phone call money, since the rest of my world is dominated by email and chats (audio and/or video) on skype and other awesome new technologies. My father tried to intrigue her with video chatting once, but it was a bit strange for her, so I stick with the phone. But I will be on a high for the next 24 hours after having the opportunity to chat with her for so long, the time flew by and she must not have been paying too much attention. I feel slightly devious but not really guilty. And that’s a good thing. I can afford to chat with her as much as the time difference permits; since she is home in the day when I get home from working a late evening, it works beautifully. And I will be ‘home’ in Minnesota (for the State Fair!) in less than six weeks and I vow that in this visit I will not waste so much time gallivanting about town such that I barely get to see this most precious gem of a matriarch.

4 responses to “Trickery for a good cause

  1. Nikhil Prabhu

    I think what you are doing is really sweet! In an age where children are throwing their parents out, to say that you “will be on a high for the next 24 hours after having the opportunity to chat with her for so long” is really really touching 🙂 ….i guess others should learn a lesson from you

  2. Thanks, Nikhil. I was a very lucky girl to grow up with four grandparents with whom I was very close; they were all alive until I was about 25 years old. Now there is only this one grandmother left and I really do cherish her.

  3. Yes you are very lucky….having your closest relatives with you throughout your childhood and later can have a very positive bearing on your life 🙂

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