Observed at the grocery store

Two critical observations from my local Sainsbury’s tonight.

  • On Cheese. They did have some slices of something that looked like American cheese. As in, it was yellow and in a package of individually wrapped slices and called “Cheese-flavoured slices” which I thought was very amusing. They also had something shockingly scary-looking called “Dairylea Nachos” which I bought just for the heck of it. Full report later, but I’m guessing it will be nothing like American nachos. For one, the cheese is the wrong color!
  • On Hokies. Sainsbury’s is for some reason channeling the Virginia Tech sports teams with their odd new color scheme for the uniforms.
    Hokie logo

    Hokie logo

    Sainsbury’s has always been about the Orange but for some amusing reason they have switched the uniforms from UVa colors (dark blue and orange) to the Tech colors (maroon and orange). Can they possibly know here the ramifications of this loyalty switch given the intense rivalry? Are they trying to show much delayed solidarity for the victims of the Tech shooting? Inquiring minds wish to know.
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4 responses to “Observed at the grocery store

  1. What is in those slices that makes them “cheese-flavored” rather than just cheese?

  2. > What is in those slices that makes them “cheese-flavored” rather than just cheese?

    Perhaps, because they are made by the same methods as American processed cheese (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Processed_cheese ), the manufacturers felt it was taking something of a liberty with the truth actually to describe them as ‘cheese’?

  3. >What is in those slices that makes them “cheese-flavored” rather than just cheese?

    No doubt there are EU regulations on what can be called cheese (and for the avoidance of doubt I’m actually being serious here).

    I believe that “flavoured” means that the taste comes from chees, and “flavour” would mean that it tastes like the ingredient. For example, “hedgehog flavoured crisps” were renamed “hedgehog flavour crisps” to avoid any confusion. See http://www.doyouremember.co.uk/memory.php?memID=4286 if you don’t believe me.

  4. Oh dear now I’m going to have to go back and see whether it was flavour or flavoured, I most certainly did not remember it to that degree of precision!!!

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