See, I really am happy

Today I had a brief opportunity to catch up with one of my professional friends, you know, the people you know only through work but with whom you eventually develop a casual friendship based on your jobs. Even easier these days with facebook and blogs. This one is quite amusing because I live in her home country and she lives in my home state. I had last seen her before Christmas, and I was delighted to hear (after being falsely accused last week, much to my chagrin and hurt, of being uniformly negative about my life here) that I seem happy and settled compared with 9 months ago. I topped off a 12 hour work day with a stop at one of my favorite little holes-in-the-wall (and not a Barclay’s cash machine), a tiny restaurant with six tables, that is simply called “Restaurant”… I guess I had forgotten about it when I was ranting about all the chain places in my neighborhood. Even better, a new place opened on the same street this week and it’s Korean food! I can’t wait to go, definitely won’t be able to wait until my sister’s next visit. And I swear, I am not just happy because I am flying back to the US in three days time for another conference, Maine this time. Lobster bake, I am ready for you.

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