American Invasion

There must not be very many people left in the U.S. right now because I swear they are all HERE in England at the moment. I cannot walk more than a few yards (or meters, Chris) without hearing American speech. It’s a bit stunning, too, as the young girls especially ALL seem to sound like Valley Girls. I swear, I never sounded like that even when I lived in the U.S. Gag me with a spoon!

Of course, I leave for the US again in just over 12 hours. This time it’s a conference in Maine. Last trip to the US this summer that does not include getting to Minnesota… the Minnesota trip is less than a month away. State Fair! Cheese curds! Jonny Lang! I’m dreaming about it already.

5 responses to “American Invasion

  1. NFAH, in the UK, a metre is a unit of length, a meter is something used for measuring.

  2. I was only switching Imperial to SI, I spell things in American still almost all the time. That is unlikely to change soon since UK spellings are so funny!

  3. I hear American accents all over the place here in Oxford, too. Incredible, too, given the Pound-to-Dollar conversion rate.

    Have you noticed that since living in the UK, most Americans sound like they are whining constantly. I wonder if I sound like that, too…?


  4. Janet, I totally feel the same way! Especially after getting crucified a few weeks ago by another UK blogger who claimed I was perpetuating an idea of total misery in my UK existence… I don’t feel like it’s that way but I guess I must complain more than some people expect! And perhaps we get used to the UK way and the Americans do start to sound whiny!

  5. NFAH, whinging is very British. Complaining to someone who might actually solve your problem on the other hand is a brash American habit and just not the done thing. Making a fuss is something to be avoided at all costs, and usually pointless anyway – after all the person responible for your problems is bound to be in a cosy office miles away from you :-).

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