hi from heathrow

So apparently it is the busiest travel day of the year in the UK. I wondered why today’s flight was more expensive than usual and why premium economy was not available to book! I’m at Heathrow where the security lines were non-existent because the lines for checking in and the supposedly ‘fast’ bag drop were epic. To Heathrow’s credit, they had lots of extra staff handling crowd control. But to their discredit, the queue wranglers were arguing amongst themselves trying to reroute the queue to accommodate the incoming throngs. The result was not pretty. They’ve also made a neutral switch in the security area-laptops don’t have to come out but now shoes do have to come off. Which is nasty in the summer with no socks! With any luck I’ll be taking off in less than 2 hours…

2 responses to “hi from heathrow

  1. I have a little pair of slipper socks that I keep in my carry-on for security shoe removal while flying in summer… they’re also handy for keeping toes warm on the plane and for long international flights in which you take off your shoes but want something over your socks when you walk around. I get a lot of compliments on them from TSA agents and flight attendants.

  2. To Merry – that’s a great idea, the slipper socks, for security. As for me, though, I’d never dare take my shoes off during a long-haul flight. Even WITH flight socks, my feet tend to swell; so if I took off my shoes, I might never be able to get them back on once I’d landed!


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