The Maine update

I’m in Maine, having flown into Boston Saturday, stayed overnight, and driven up to Maine yesterday. The conference I’m attending started last night and seems to be going well. My big performance (that I’ve been nervous about for the almost-year that I’ve known about it) is tomorrow, so I should be rehearsing right now and not blogging…

But I’m blogging anyways. There are a few stories of my trip that caused me sufficient amusement to take a break from the rest of it all.

Story one: I got bumped up to business class on my flight over here.  Even though  it was the middle of the day and I was not about to sleep, I put my lie-flat bed into lie-flat position just because I could.  It was amazing.  The service was amazing.  Almost a little embarrassing, even.  But I’m still puzzled about the number of business class seats on this flight that were occupied by the  “too young to drive” set.  It was a luxury for us to fly anywhere as children, and we certainly were not flying to Europe, nor flying business class.  And yet my sister and I were the rock stars of our elementary school after doing a Washington DC to Minneapolis round trip as unaccompanied minors, but it was nothing compared to a 4-year old (my guess) in one of the huge business class seats.  Some people apparently have too much money.  The mother of the 4 year old WAS wearing the largest diamond ring I have ever seen in person, it was like a Hollywood ring.

Story two, I’m apparently losing my ability to speak American.  I just gave a coffee shop lady the most blank stare ever when she alerted me to my options regarding which milk to put in my iced latte.  I never thought I’d be so used to saying “full fat” milk instead of “whole” that it would confuse me to hear it the other way around!  I still think the Americans all sound like valley girls, too, even the boys.  Is this normal?  Has my ear become so trained on British that I have forgotten the sound of my own language?


2 responses to “The Maine update

  1. re speaking American: are you confused about whether or not you have to go upstairs to the first floor yet?

  2. Chris–
    It was not a problem in Maine, but now that I’m in Boston where there are more floors and more lifts around, I definitely have to think hard about which floor I’m on and where I’m going!

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